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QuestionI love this tumblr I go on all the time, so please don't take this the wrong way. but why don't you post on here anymore? Answer

Thanks for liking it :)

I guess there’s a number of factors.

I moved to New Zealand and I’ve been travelling around somewhat and working which has taken up some time.

The laptop I have with me is a complete piece of shit which doesn’t help. Couple that with internet that is both slow and expensive, it’s a bit of a pain to find, select, download and upload pics.

Also, I got kinda fed up with the creepiness of posters in the pic sites. Really quite horrid. I don’t have access to the only nice one anymore as I haven’t been on it in so long.

Something that will make me sound rather arrogant maybe, I got pissed off with some other blogs that post Vic pics due to a lack curation and supposed “exclusives” (of things that were in my queue for months…).

I still have a bunch of older pics on a USB so I may get around to uploading some now the weather has started to turn here (southern hemisphere problems). I wouldn’t count on regular updates though.

Thanks for the message.


Still annoyed that someone is hoarding

QuestionHi, just wanted to say that I love your Tumblr :))) Answer

Considering how long its been since I posted anything, that’s a huge compliment - thanks!